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Hmm. . . Fife has the support of both Jeff Flake and John McCain. Well, I guess that makes this part of the consideration a wash.

Even if we accept that Fife was treated unfairly, bringing him - or at least his name as he wouldn't actually be presiding over very many meetings - bringing him back into AZ politics would be seen by those outside of the party base as "business as usual" and would not be a plus for the overall efforts at making Arizona a conservative state.

An addendum to my first comment:

It is likely that, since Flake is endorsing the same candidate as McCain, that is, the conservative is endorsing the same candidate as the "party" man, then I'm assuming that it doesn't really matter who gets the nod. Perhaps Flake sees Haney as just another cog in the party wheel and doesn't expect much from him one way or another.

Which still makes it wash if one is relying on personal recommendations to form their opinions on this. Which brings it back to how this would be viewed from outside the party base, which would give the nod to Haney.

Sonoran Alliance weighs in on this issue.


Here's a new slogan for LD 11 -

"Rob Haney: Causing Republicans to lose elections since 2002, as Attorney General Andrew Thomas, Mayor Randy Pullen, Representative Don Hesselbrock and Governor Len Munsil can all attest."

Haney was elected after the 2002 election, precisely because of those losses.

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