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While Ms. Giffords voting record paints her into the left coast, Mr. Bee's leadership of the conservative agenda at the State Senate paints him into the right coast - the electorate will decide if either have enough wiggle room in the middle in '08.

Bee would be a great choice. The Republicans need to unite and now Gabby has a record, one that would make Raul & Nancy proud!

If the only problem with Bee was his blandness, we might be ok. The REAL problem is his integrity, or more specifically his lack thereof.

The "bi-partisan" budget he negotiated with Governor Nappy is AWFUL!! Nothing in it even resembles Republican priorities. Very few Republican Senators were involved in its creation. The fact is, he'd agree to almost anything at this point. But it gets even worse.

There is a bill in the Senate (HB2515) which would finally deter cities from agreeing to huge sales tax giveaways to developers and retailers. Arizona taxpayers have been screwed to the tune of over half a BILLION $$ in the past few years. At first Bee promised not to kill the bill, but it hasn't moved since late March, even though it has the votes to pass.

The ONLY reason it hasn't moved is Bee won't let it. His prospective Congressional supporters (the high $ lobbyist kind) want the bill dead, so its dead. The sponsor agreed to all the changes Bee claimed he wanted, but still no progress.

The TRUTH is that Bee is solidly in the pocket of corporate welfare lobbyists. If he can be bought this easily, how is he any better than Gabby? This is exactly the kind of behavior and misuse of power that caused us to LOSE CONGRESS in the first place!

There is one solid potential candidate that has a MUCH better chance than Bee, and that is Rep. Jonathan Paton. Talk about contrast with Gabby! Paton stood up to terrorists. Gabby and a few lobbyists should be a cakewalk.

Unfortunately, Paton has been told it is Bee's "turn." Republicans have lost WAY TOO MANY elections by nominating the candidate who has "waited their turn" instead of the best person for the job! Does anyone remember President Bob Dole??

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