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Unbelievable! Well, not really. I wonder how long it will take the Republic to pick up on this.
Then again, they've been following your coat tails quite a bit lately!
Keep up the good work.

I thought the Foster Care Review Board was supposed to be neutral. Obviously I was mistaken!

I think all members of the board are appointees of the Governor. Hmmmm....


Board members are appointed by the judges, not the Governor.

From reading the info on the Foster Care Review Board website - they are to provide a citizen's view of the situation of the child in foster care. From this perspective they should be 'neutral' - they are there to make sure that the CPS case plan is in order and is being followed.

I have a feeling someone is getting fired from her cushy job...

Wouldn't this be an indictable offense as a misuse of authority?

What, she thought she's okay because she didn't use her government email account? She's support staff, not a direct appointee, right? Her possible crime was saying "If you are going to be critical about the subject, that you better not live in a glass house." That sounds like extortion, of a public official no less. I'll be she get's more than just a termination.

Cheri Holgerson displays the same arrogance and intimidation tactics as many others in the CPS power circle. This does not surprise me, but it makes me laugh seeing it exposed like you did, Greg. Good job!

You would like to believe this is uncommon, but I am afraid it isn't. I filed a complaint against a government appointee a few years back only to hear that the she made claims of illegal behavior on my part to other elected officials in an attempt to discredit me. When I personally called her on it, she did not deny it and had no qualms about repeating what was unsubstantiated information. It turns out there is another person with my name who has had some legal problems and she had used her insider ability to access records to try and dig up dirt then used it to discredit my credibility. When I made the actions known to her elected supervisor, it resulted in an investigation by the Justice Department. While it was found to be "bad judgment" it was not illegal. I could have filed a civil complaint based on her untrue statements against me in public, but as for her position… she is still there. Too bad Greg wasn't doing this back then!

Ya know you published her email address right up front on a well-hit page, so the spam-bots are going to get her if the authorities don't.

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