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Thanks for the post, Greg. I really appreciate your ongoing coverage of the Republic's foibles. As regards this story, a couple of comments. First, yes, absolutely crappy reporting, no doubt about it. (And don't even get me started about the glaring spelling errors in both the print and web editions -- Jeez, Louise!)

As a business, however, the Republic exists to make money. Period. Exploitation sells-- which brings me back to the story topic. As a culture, our unbridled greed leads to things like payday loans stores and lousy newspapers. Loan sharks are fine gentlemen too, if you pay them back on time... But no one thinks loans sharks are legitimate businessmen.

Payday loan stores are just storefront loan sharks -- they exploit people. We've neglected the fact that corporate responsibility matters just as much as individual responsibility.

The same thing is occurring at the Republic. They neglect ethics to make a buck at any cost.

Americans have begun to react to the underlying sleaze factor in too many businesses. I think it's a good thing and necessary to restore some balance.

Not sure how someone with Robles education falls into such a trap. It either speaks to her inability to control her spending or is a glaring indictment against the education system from which she recieved her degrees.

Interestingly enough, the article is another "pity piece" trying to redirect the blame for Ms. Robles poor decisions away from her and on to the lending agency. It is no different than the plight of those who run up enormous credit card bills and then blame the credit card industry for making it too easy for them to do that. When will this society ever return to individual responsibility for personal choices?

As you know, the story is actually about the evil capitalist making the "Victim status" of Robles worse. It is pure propaganda and nothing less. The timing is interesting as the immigration issue is spiraling out of the control of Mexican activists bent on "reconquista"!

This story is not about individual responsibility but the strengtening of a 'nanny state' that relieves the unwashed masses from the discomfort of thinking for themselves.

I am suprised the article did not attempt a tie-in between global warming and Payday loans. Reporting such as the article cited is why I cancelled my subscription years ago.

Excellent observation about how bad the Republic really is. And excellent observation about the economic ignorance of journalists.

It explains why they hired Jon Talton.

Journalists are unbelievably naïve and stupid.

Haha, you GOPers continue to defend the CC companies and the Payday Loan companies as something that is somehow sacred to the "religion" of the phantom "free-enterpise" system. Good. I'll take two scoops of that along with a Democratic victory in 2008, please.

This is the epitome of why I like to read this site.

Fred F.

Did they RE-hire Jon?

If the choice is between having to have payday loan companies or having the NetRootsDem types determine what economic choices are good for people, I'll choose the former.

Diane D, you wrote: "Loan sharks are fine gentlemen too, if you pay them back on time... But no one thinks loans sharks are legitimate businessmen.

Payday loan stores are just storefront loan sharks -- they exploit people."

Hmmmm, let's see the last I heard Jim Weiers, House Speaker, still owned his store-front payday loan businesses...

Of course, there is no connection between that fact and this Republic story..... any takers on some swamp land in Yuma....

People who rail on the payday loan industry never seem to offer any alternatives. The banks created the mess when they stopped providing small loans, and started jacking up fees for everything. It's cheaper to take out a $200 payday loan than to bounce a check or pay a credit card late.


You are correct although across the country and now in Phoenix, various faith groups have begun to address the issue with their own 'payday loan' programs. These groups, due to low overhead and no need to create profits for shareholders, are slowly working to create alternatives to the payday loan businesses on what seem like every corner in my neighborhood.

Hopefully, someone at the non-profit this woman works at is watching the books really well. People with money problems who are willing to lie to a lending operation may be tempted to skim a little here and there. Just a thought.

By the way, I'm a very conservative Republican capitalist who has great disdain for these loan shark stores. Net Roots needs to stop thinking Democrats are the saviors of the poor and unfortunate. These stores have no political affiliation. And capitalism does not equal evil sharkdom. It is the ignorance of capitalism and the misinformation spread by those who do not understand the free market that exploits the greatest number of people.

My problems with the payday loan companies are that they give you the ability to just pay interest and keep the debt outstanding for too long. They need to put rules in place that allow for one loan at a time that has to be paid back with a 30 day waiting period before taking on another loan.

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