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I was always told that half a cake was better than no cake.


That is the funniest thing I have read in a while, well done sir.

That was good! So, is that regression or progression?

How many know what three-fifth
vote means ?

It is a joke, they knew the rules, did what they wanted to do and cried after the fact that the rules weren't fair. I don't care how fractured the GOP has ever been, it has never been this bad.

Hillary is handing Mcshame the election so she can run again in 4 years. He'll help her win by pardoning her voters as he is walking out the door.

This is just one more reason we don't want the Democrats in power. They make a mess, can't figure out how to fix it and then blame the Republicans.

I actually heard Democrat pundits trying to put some of the blame on McCain and the Republicans for this mess. The Dems can't even make rules, establish consequences and then hold out for the follow through. How can these people hold up against terrorists when they can't even hold up against T-shirt wearing, placard waving, screaming protestors in their own party?

Watching the Rules meeting was informative; this is government by screaming and threats, not by law, principle and order.

If you don't believe in any universal or absolute laws of the universe, how do you expect to come up with any rules to determine who gets the delegates.

I think the full realization of relativism is coming to fruit in this process.

OK Bob...just in case. 3/5ths is a reference to the Constitutional allotment of value to a "negro". Which made my comment of regression or progression relevant, in that women had no voting rights.

All of which tells much about the view of "the people" in by Democratic party leadership, then along come the Super Delegates who can fix all the ills the regular folks create.

The Florida mess is partly a Republican thing. The Dem Party warned FL Dems that if they moved their primary up they wouldn't be seated. So FL's Republican Guv and Legislator moved the primary up. In Michigan the Dems have no one to blame but themselves.


My charge of bad leadership by the Democrats is still valid. If it's true that the Republicans were trying to hurt the Democrats by moving the primary up, why then would the Dems punish their own party for something that wasn't their fault. That's good leadership?

The fault of this mess is completely within the Democrat party. They did nothing to address the situation until they didn't get the outcome they wanted.

The lesson here is that they are not the leadership that is need for our great country.

If gas is $7 - $10 a gallon by November as some predit, anybody running for any public office will probably trying as hard as possible to lose their run for the office of their choice - who wants to be in office when the economy is in the tank?

The hard decisions which will be asked of them during their time in office will render then virtually unelectable in the future.

Please Greg, tell us that the 3/5 comment wasn't intended as a racist comment.

Disappointing that a good religious person such as Dan turned out to be such a liberal. I too enjoyed my time with Mr. Harper, brief as it was (same years as Dan), but Mr. Harper always came across as very conservative.

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