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"Heating up" eh? As it is May in Arizona all of the state is in the process of getting hotter. the race for CD-5 will heat up along with everything else, no?

My best quick and easy reason for supporting David Schweikert is his choice for favorite economist: Friedrich Hayek.


Are you kidding me?
You have nothing to say about the cd5 race other than Davey Boy is wasting his campaign money on a commercial? He is in 3rd place right now and all the money in the world wont get him elected.

I don't follow the logic of "wasting his campaign money on a commercial" and "it...won't get him elected." C'mon, money can get pretty much anyone elected. That's why they invented Clean Elections, but then it turns out when you give public money to a bunch of idiots you still have...a bunch of idiots. In Schweiker's case he's using money he raised, and that's an accomplishment in itself. And doing TV shows he's going to raise even more to air that commercial, and that's proof that he's a serious candidate.

I can't figure out if you're (FL) trying to insult the candidate, advertising, voters in general, or what?

Sounds like one of the CD5 primary opponents is drinkin' the Haterade!

Backing up Name:'s questions, but also, how is he #3 right now? Is there actual polling out?

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