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Relative to the quoted comment about no remaining Republic staffing having taken and passed Journalism 101, perhaps the fact that evidently Journalism 101 got the MSM to the sad state it is in now is no good thing. I think that a non-Orthodox Journalism 101 trained media business will be a far-far better thing than the average MSM business organization is today.

I continue to wait for some Arizona media group to hire Alan Korwin as staff to give a kick to their subscriber base. My only wonder is how many MSM media businesses will be visited by The Corporate Reaper (aka the laws of supply and demand) before the accountants responsible for the remaining media are smart enough to hire Mr. Korwin.

Would be different if they had a union to represent them.

Sad news comes with the recent layoffs at the Trib: Chris Page commits suicide


Oh yeah, unions are always a great solution to dwindling profits.

Is Steve Benson still employed?

The LA Times sacked the number 1 editorial cartoonist in the country awhile back - and he happens to be conservative - and so a small panel of liberal cartoonists helped vote him the Pulitzer this year. So Michael Ramirez gets to bring home the prize to his relatively new employer, the Investors Business Daily.

Hats off to the very liberal David Horsey and company for putting ideology aside and giving props where they're due.


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