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Please let the list include some of the persons I enjoy.
They have earned repose.

How could you have "broken the story," when I see Liberty's Apothecary had it first -- before your "update"?

Both EspressoPundit and Liberty's Apothecary posted the story on the same day. Unless one beat the other by hours, the scoop goes to both.

I called staff reductions months ago! Told all my friends.

Several Repug persons could discourse this
subject on Horizon.

The person responsible for A1 and the hideous design of that newspaper should get it into her thick skull and leave. Way to ruin a paper.

It's no secret. 90% of the newsroom staff blames Gannett lackeys Tracy, Keira and Nicole for the demise of the Republic. It cracks me up the way they hide in their offices these days. You can only cheat, lie and backstab your way so far.

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