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I've stated before that the most likely outcome of the Tucson newspaper situation is for Gannett to buy the Star, merge it with the Citizen, and then begin combining operations with the Republic.

Lee cutting the value of the Star by more than half certainly makes the prospect more attractive to Gannett (though certainly they have enough problems that buying another paper may not look like a good idea right now).

If we accept as a premise that Tucson is too small to support two papers, then their options, as I see it, are:

1) Buy the Star,
2) Shut down the Citizen,
3) Hope that Lee blinks first and does them a favor by shutting down the Star.

The JOA runs out pretty soon, I believe, and something is going to happen in the next year or so. I think the likelihood is in the order I listed them.

No, the JOA doesn't expire for another half decade.

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