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Now this is real reporting. Keep it up.

A very likely explanation for Hughes' silence to date is Hughes got in on the ground floor of hockey stick stardom:

Global-scale temperature patterns and climate forcing over the past six centuries

Michael E. Mann, Raymond S. Bradley & Malcolm K. Hughes, Nature, vol. 392 (Apr. 23, 1998)

He has a lot to lose in this, but I do not believe he thinks they were doing anything wrong. This appears to be a case of groupthink stupidity writ large, practiced by shallow, insulated, dullard bureaucrats, who didn't know any better.

Greg, the financial analogy is apt, except if you were caught remotely near anyone massaging investment performance numbers (or balance sheet Sarb-Ox reporting numbers), the SEC would step in and issue a cease and desist order, and likely haul you off to jail just for effect, especially now.

Hughes 'response' is in fact the reporters paraphrase of Hughe's argument and not even a direct quote. Trying to parse the meaning out of a paraphrase to suggest Hughes is throwing anyone under a bus is just plain wrong.

In fact what he seems to be saying is that this 'trick' has nothing to do with the hockey stick paper which is what people have claimed it was related to.


Delegates freeze as snow falls on global warming debates.

The temperature in Copenhagen, where a landmark UN summit on climate change is taking place, is tipped to hit minus ten degrees Celsius this week. Snow is expected to start falling and continue through to the last day of the summit on Friday.

Delegates from Africa, Asia and the Pacific are struggling with the freezing conditions.
Clothes are expensive, making it difficult for delegates from the developing world to buy gear for the cold snap.

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