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Fame is fleeting, Greg: 'Site Unavailable.'

Well deserved Greg. Mom was right.

Do it because it is the right thing to do, not because it is the bipartisan thing to do.

Ummm..Scarpinato took a shot at bloggers, including you, when he called the concept of blogging in 2004 "infantile."

Now, he could have meant "in its infancy" or something similar, but I'm guessing that bloggers have seriously cut into the circulations and revenues of MSM political reporters. And somebody like you, who not only reports info that used to be solely within the purview of the MSM *and* directs withering criticisms at the same MSM is in for a series of particularly deep level of cut-downs.

BTW - Congrats. You earned it.

Congratulations, Greg!

Great kid. Don't get cocky.

Wow; Craig remembers something Scarpinato wrote six years ago. That's influential writing.

Michel - Actually, that was from the current (OK, the December) piece.

Scarpinato was referring to *blogging in 2004", not writing in 2004 about "blogging".

Something tells me that in 2004, neither he nor most of his MSM colleagues deigned to notice bloggers like Greg.

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