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GI writes many articles by passing on a load of skewed announcements. Then the MSM picks it up as gospel. Just look at the crud about 1 to 1 beaurocracy to teacher ratio? Eeveryone from bus drivers to cafeteria workers to the little old lady doing the crossing duty is counted as a beaurocrat. Just a big pile of steaming horse hockey from the boys and girls at GI

John, John, John: "Everyone from bus drivers to cafeteria workers to the little old lady doing the crossing duty" ARE part of the education bureaucracy. In what other category would you put them? Yes, they are support staff--but that's part of the overall bureaucracy. The MSM never picks up GI's articles as gospel. It is used as a starting point for a news article, but only for quotes and for reference, with plenty of opposing comments--nothing like this joke of an article from Pro Publica. Just more evidence of the wacky lefitst agenda and the lack of integrity of the Arizona Republic.

"Leftist agenda" of the Arizona Republic? Seriously? A newspaper that, to my recollection, has never endorsed a Democratic candidate for president?

And regarding Goldwater Institute, they already have a mouthpiece on the editorial staff — Rob Robb, who shills for them on a daily basis.

Naum makes a good point in regards to the GI having representation on the editorial staff, however, this is part of a wider trend that seems to be happening in newspapers.

I am reminded of the recent and similar incident in which the Washington Post published an article written by two authors from an 'independent' news source - the Fiscal Times - which is supported by the Peter Peterson Foundation. The Peterson Foundation has been running a 20 year campaign to end Social Security and doing so through endless fear-mongering on the federal deficit. If this had appeared as an opinion piece it would have been perfectly fine, but it appeared as a news article.

I assume we will see more of this as the newspaper industry will need to farm out more of its writing because it can no longer hold on to reporters capable of dealing with complex issues or stories.

Robb is on the opinon pages--not the front page; or don't you know the difference?

And, yes, the Republic endorsed a Democrat in 2008--John McCain. :)

Sorry,RonJ RonJ RonJ, but Mathew refrring to bus drivers as beaurocrats is wrong.

Oh, and the latest study by friend of the Goldwater machine, Jay Greene, has found that vouchers show no educational improvement. Wionder if GI will be pimping that in their weekly email. LOL

The Pulitzer prizes were announced yesterday, and Pro Publica was among the winners:

Greg, you have attacked the reporting group for its funders, but have not commented on the substance of their work. I understand that how they determine which stories to pursue may chafe you, but what of their actual reporting? Any bone to pick there, or is this merely an excuse to take a shot at the Republic?

I've told you a million times, Greg doesn't use hyperbole.

Greg is pointing out the double standard of so-called "news" outlets to print articles and "analyses" from blatantly liberal organizations and agendas. The other side may get a quote or two, but they are always called "conservative." The liberals are rarely identified as "liberal".

There is a market for objective news. But the MSM seems more interested in its leftists worldview.

Well RonJ, if you're going to take that tact, Clinton was the best Republican president in recent times, at least according to Alan Greenspan…

But seriously, the AZRepublica a "leftist organ"?

I suppose if your basepoint is the John Birch Society…


A complex issue at the Rag is the continued
decline in circulation.

Naum: The editorial board of the Republic is decidedly leftist. It supports the Democrats' calls for more and bigger government and is in the tank for Terry Goddard and was/is in the tank for Janet Napolitano. If you think not--you're not thinking.


The National Center for Education statistics puts out a publication called the Digest of Education Statistics. If you will examine this chart from that Digest, you will find that back in 1950 public schools employed more than two teachers for every non teacher, but these days the ratio has fell close to 1 to 1:

This collapse in the teacher to non teacher ratio happened in spite of a substantial decline in student/teacher ratio. We have hired more and more teachers per pupil, but it hasn't kept pace with the frantic pace of hiring non-teachers:

The result of all of this is that the nationwide inflation adjusted spending per pupil almost quadruples:

Meanwhile, the most reliable source of K-12 data has been generally flat.

So in short, we are spending a great deal more, employing more teachers per pupil even while the total employment trends ever more towards making teachers a minority of employees within the public schools system. Our kids haven't been learning much better despite surrounding them with more and more adults.

Taxpayers have much to complain about such a system, but not as much as the students. Fourty four percent of Arizona 4th graders scored "Below Basic" in Reading in 2009 despite having schools that spent beyond the dreams of avarice for a school administrator in previous decades. You can look these numbers up for yourself as well:

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