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But do the troops get to take their bullets this time?

They are likly to be only administration and clerks, not the foot soldiers that are really needed. Also, 1,200 troops to cover the 4 border states? What's that? 300 troops per state? We'de be better off calling up our own Arizona units to secure our border.

Not to get too far off the topic, but has anyone heard anything about prayer rugs and Korans being found along the same paths the Mexicans take into the US?

I know for a fact that when Napolitano sent a few AZ Nat'l Guardsmen to Nogales, they were not allowed to do enforcement. They changed oil in Federal vehicles and did admin computer work. Obama, feeling the heat, just used a page from JayNo's playbook. JayNo did it then to make Bush look bad, Obama does it now to take the wind out of Brewer's sails.

KT: yes, WSBTV in Atlanta did an article on it. According to that article, Other Than Mexicans are coming from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Sudan and Pakistan, to name a few.

It’s clear the federal gov’t has failed and refused its duty to enforce extant immigration statutes.

Leaving the hysteria aside for a moment, the possibility to sue the federal gov’t exists, as does possibility of a mandamus proceeding.

This may help to explain the troop move, but does not eliminate federal liability.

The Atlanta news site was sent to me by friend in Colorado


Channel 2 in Atlanta knows why Arizona passed SB 1070

According to the Border Patrol the public is being mislead as to WHO is coming into the US from Mexico. This IS THE TRUTH. as reported by WSBTV in Atlanta. (a reputable public news! Not 'Tea party' or any other special interest group!)

Video 1

Video 2


Wow! Thanks Tucson resident. So why is it that our own local channels, or even some of the main stream news agencies, don't pick this up? Is it because they are so left leaning that they are afraid of upsetting the apple cart? I think if the citizens of our great nation were to see this, there would be a firestorm hitting Washington for sure.

For the Obama administration it is all politics all of the time. He knows the only way he will get any support at all for what he really wants--amnesty --he has to act like he is doing something even though he really isn't and he really doesn't want to. In the closed door meeting with republicans he told them that he wasn't for enforcement first. Well we know that is true plus he doesn't want anyone else enforcing illegal immigration law either. Hence the DOJ drafting a measure to contest SB 1070. Obama reminds me of Dr. Jeykell and Mr. Hyde. He is in under his head. He is flailing around and doing whatever it takes to keep the power he has so he can implement his leftist agenda policies.

Again, I would recommend a mandamus proceeding.

The federal government cannot simultaneously refuse any state self-defense while prohibiting or deliberately ignoring national defense.

The rest will (perhaps) follow…

Failure and refusal are two different things.

How come SB 1070 wasn't passed two years ago? The Bush Administration wasn't exactly tackling the problem either. It's all politics, all the time.

Might help if the airforce lent the Border Patrol a couple of their recon drones. ?If you know where the illegals are its easier to catch them

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