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I have never paid much attention to Montini before, but I'm now convinced the guy has no business being employed at any type of news outlet.

You want some real irony? Read the article Greg quotes in this post, then go back and read Montini's idiotic, knee-jerk reaction from the day after Pierce's letter went out:

He says "Pierce was bluffing," "his foot wound up in his mouth," and "he doesn't know much about the very utilities he regulates." It appears Montini never actually read Pierce's letter or spoke with him before his first column -- perhaps his second column is an attempt to justify his own idiocy.

This is all fine for many of us who pay attention, but there are still plenty of folks who just believe what they hear/read from the media (see the last presidential campaign). Montini's actions are truly shameful. The guy should be fired, a retraction issued, or both.

If in your words.... "the bill doesn't actually do very much," then why do we have it when the price of lost business and extremely negative publicity about our great state is very, very high.

I also hear the argument that the new law mimics the federal law. If that's the case, then once again I ask: why do we need it?

Well foxfan why don't you like it?

And further if your smug attitude is representitive of the rational perogative in Maricopa rather than just Pinal county, and you truly believe that the surreal reporting churned out by the Arizona Republic & the talking idiots at channels 10, 3 & 5 are likewise representitive, despite the polling to the contrary, why aren't you celebrating the imminent takeover of state gov by the kind of progressive libs you obviously support instead of whinning about it?

Is it just because Terry Goddard is running for gov like...say HAMLET? (To be..or

I don't buy it. And part of the reason, besides the truth, is blogs like this offering an alternative to the MSM on the ground here in Az.

I don't entirely agree with Expresso here that the AZ Repugnant deserves credit for priting the entire bill. Not since they gave Prof Chin (and his 'grad assistants') free reign on rolling commentary.

C-Span ran a couple hours of panel discussions at, of all places, the Georgetown University Law center, and the discussion was both lively, informative, and even handed.

From that I'll take the views of Miguel Estrada & Viet Dinh over the anaylsis of Dr Chin at ASU (they were quite different).

Maybe if the Republic would have tried to balance Chin's view with legal observations from someone like Clint Bolick @ the Goldwater I'd feel different.

"I also hear the argument that the new law mimics the federal law. If that's the case, then once again I ask: why do we need it?"

Because the Federal law is not enforced.

I thought we couldn't call people "idiot"? It's a great descriptive word and makes the point when other words fail. Thanks! The editorial board of the Republic are the epitome of idiots and should be called out as such.

Hi Greg - It's actually called "Frisbee" when it is caught by a dog. Can I get a correction on that?


Talk about idiots..."Maybe if the Republic would have tried to balance Chin's view with legal observations from someone like Clint Bolick @ the Goldwater I'd feel different."
Are you serious? Quoting that group has gotten us the one administrator for every teacher ratio out there. Forget that the fact is that there is one administrator for every 18 teachers!

Pierce engages in empty posturing designed to do nothing but get him some free publicity as a "defender" of Arizona's honor. Grijalva calls for a boycott of Arizona, which would harm businesses that had no role whatsoever in passing SB1070. Our Legislature, which couldn't pass a budget by the statutory deadline and punted a decision on taxes to the voters despite both houses being run by one party, passes SB1070, a law that, as Greg correctly states, "doesn't actually do very much."

So...can't we stop all this childish behavior by politicians on both sides of the aisle and get back to debating and crafting a comprehensive immigration bill? Can we have that debate without having proponents of guest worker plans being labelled as pro-amnesty? Will John McCain rediscover his common sense (and his spine), stop being cowed by the Hayworths of the world and LEAD on this subject again?

The most frustrating part of the SB1070 fiasco is that it once again allows extremists on both sides of the political spectrum to dictate the terms of debate over a very serious issue. SB1070 is little more than a codified hissy fit directed at Washington, DC. Pierce, Montini, the LA City Council and Grijalva have all done nothing but contribute their own raspberries and foot-stomping to a debate that has all the intellectual heft of a schoolyard shouting match.

Perhaps Pierce's motives were as you suggest, Rex. Still, I appreciate his defense of Arizona. His letter was respectful, direct, and devastating to LA's ridiculous call for a boycott.

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