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I attribute the increased popularity to three things. First, the truth about the bill is finally getting out. Second, Americans do not like foreign leaders bashing us, especially on our own soil. Third, the Obama administration's opposition is being seen for what it really is - illogical, political and incompetent.

A majority of Americans once supported segregationist Jim Crow laws as well as the evacuation and internment of Japanese Americans. Our responsibility to fight for civil rights hasn’t ended, and will not end as long as we allow fear and hatred to tear us apart. We need to celebrate the immigrants among us as well as our national values of diversity and inclusion.

Gee Kety, do you support gun control?

Since virtually every gun control law on the books is a holdover from the "Jim Crow" era, but let me guess, that's somehow different?

Gee, Kety....the Jim Crow laws dealt with legal US citizens. Same with the internment. How is it that SB 1070 has anything to do with harassing citizens and legal residents? It doesn't. In fact, SB 1070 has language PROTECTING civil rights.

What other brilliant comparisons can you draw on, you going to throw out the genocide one as well?

Kety, we do celebrate the immigrants among us. You want us to celebrate the illegal immigrants along with them. I'll pass on that.

Hey Kety, have you read SB 1070 or have you only "glanced" at it, like Attorney General Holder. If you have read it, you'll see your comparisons to Jim Crow laws and the Japanese internment are ridiculous and misplaced. Remember we are a nation of laws and its the responsibility of the government to enforce those laws--whether you like them or not.

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