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It's very difficult to keep up with all the elected offices around the state and make sure each race has a Republican candidate when the AZ Republican Party leadership is busy trying to defeat John McCain so they can make Barak Obama the happiest man on earth.

Perhaps none of the candidates passed the party's litmus test to get access to Voter Vault.

I know what Wright meant because I've heard it from other political professionals: This is about as conservative as the legislature is ever going to get; next year, the center of gravity in the legislature will move to the left.

I'm not saying that's correct. I'm just saying that I've heard that enough to know that's what Wright meant.

Okay Greg,

Quick, without looking it up or calling anyone, name 3 possible GOP candidates from Yuma 24.

Okay, now name one that can beat Aguirre.

Oops, little tougher, eh? Amanda is cemented in. She has the been a force in this community for a long time by her work in border health issues and has developed a strong base.

SS - It's not Greg's job to find candidates for Yuma 24. It is the job of the AZ Republican Party.

Prior to Pullen, there was a team identifying all the races and contacting leaders in the area recruiting and training candidates. Who is doing that now? Quick name him/her.

Does the Party leadership spend more time and resources recruiting candidates for office or opposing Republicans that won't submit to their will or meet their litmus test. (Which is fluid - depending on who they choose to hate that cycle.)

The answer to that is becoming more obvious everyday.

Pullen is too busy jockeying for his place at the RNC table while failing miserably as the chair of his own state.

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