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It's just ignorance - and the novelty - of the law. I've been here 30 years, considerably longer than a majority of the population (3.8 million people have moved here since 1980), many of which come from less "gun friendly" states. Media types are no different, very few with any tenure here, and thus, any knowledge or real understanding of our laws and culture. It's a novelty for them, particularly if they come from places like NY, NJ, IL or even Kalifornia.

The story is definitely a compelling argument for allowing everyone to carry their weapons concealed. Let's remove the fear of open carried weapons by having them neatly, and discretely concealed from public viewing.

I'm far more likely to carry openly now, particularly in view of Brian's comment above.

for all you cowboys, how does it feel to be in favor of "liberal" gun laws. Talk about a paradox.

There shouldn't be a need for "liberal" gun laws, how about laws that simply punish criminals? Novel idea I know, far easier to restrict fundamental rights and overlook criminal behavior.

I was sitting in a local establishment when an armed stranger came barging in. He was openly armed with a pistol, and carrying several bowie knives hin his hand (blades were about a foot long!). A hush momentarily fell over the other patrons. Then and excited babble started up. "Hey, can I see those?" "What you got, where can I get some?" "Want to sell any?"

I love living in AZ!

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