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Schweikert isn't actually persuading anyone to vote for him. He has no compelling ideas, so his only strategy is to campaign against Pelosi.


And that strategy will make him a congressman in 2011.

With regard to the Over 60 Coalition's anti-Mitchell ad, the following are quotes from an article written by Peter Ferrara and Larry Hunter, “How ObamaCare Guts Medicare,” that ran in yesterday’s (September 10, 2010) Wall Street Journal. I feel I need not add anything to the authors’ observations, for as the lawyers say, res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself. Oh, wait, I do need to add one thing: Harry Mitchell voted for this.

. . . . Medicare payment rates for doctors and hospitals serving seniors will be cut by 30% over the next three years . . . . The drastic reductions in Medicare reimbursements under ObamaCare will create havoc and chaos in health care for seniors. Many doctors, surgeons and specialists providing critical care to the elderly—such as surgery for hip and knee replacements, sophisticated diagnostics through MRIs and CT scans, and even treatment for cancer and heart disease—will cease serving Medicare patients. If the government is not going to pay, then seniors are not going to get the health services, treatment and care they expect . . . . [T]wo-thirds of hospitals already lose money on Medicare patients. Under ObamaCare it will get much worse. Hospitals . . . will shut down or stop serving Medicare patients . . . . The president's concept of spreading the wealth includes sacking the Medicare system, on which America's seniors have come to rely for medical care, in favor of others the president's progressive vision deems more worthy.

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