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Michael Crow said "the Legislature is cutting our appropriation so we must raise tuition..." How about cutting costs, Mr. Crow? I work for a business, one of the largest in the state, and that's what a business does when expected revenue is cut. I'm sure that, behind the scenes, Mr. Crow would just have the commoners eat cake.

Wonderful post!

This morning's Republic indicated that Biggs is proposing a voucher system where the funds follow the students. I have been suggesting this for years.

Only then do I see our private colleges and universities thriving and multiplying. Wouldn't it be great if we supported top schools like Embry-Riddle and Thunderbird more and more like them had a chance to emerge? Or maybe we could just grow ASU from 65,000 students to 100,000. It doesn't seem like a hard choice to make.

So, voters are going to repeal the Board of Regents...and leave it all in the hands of the 'earth is only 6,000 years old' crowd?

...probably not.

I'll be happy when they eliminate tenure!

As a father who's about to send his second child to college, I have more than a passing interest in this. Greg is right, the universities have done little to cut costs other than a few token layoffs. All the while they build monuments to grandeur and foist untenable majors on the populace. A little financial triage at the UofA, ASU and NAU would go a long way, as would allowing schools like Eastern Arizona College, Central Arizona College, etc., to offer four year degrees so rural Arizonans would not be held hostage to the Big Three. Yes, the legislature has its share of dunderheads, but the Regents aren't doing their jobs. They act consistently like a rubber-stamp for whatever the Big Three want. That's NOT accountability. When did the Regents last say "No" to a tuition hike, or even modify one? I bet APS would love the Corporation Commission to treat its rate requests with the same fealty. At least the legislature has accountability to the taxpayers, which the Regents do not because they are appointed, have staggered terms and many people really don't know what they do. So... as that parent who's about to send thousands of dollars to ASU and dreads the confiscatory increases I'll have to bear over the next few years, yes, I am fed up and will happily vote for a change since my voice apparently is not heard nor considered relevant right now. I'm just a paying customer, true?

Sacred cows taking a bath is past due!
No more monuments in Tempe and Tuscon.

Here, Here. The current higher education model is broken. There is no justification to spend $40,000 over four years for the type of education the unviversities are providing. Take a look at Western Governor's University. You can take as much units as you can handle in a six month time frame for less than half the cost of the universities. A voucher system will increase competition and reduce costs to parents and students and not force a huge debt onto families as the current system does. I will vote yes, yes, yes to abolish the regents, a leftover relic from a hundred years ago whose elitist attitude is ruining the state of arizona. Mr. Killian, dismantle the system, let freedom ring!!!

Mark Killian did an admirable job as Speaker of the House. In his new position on the Board of Regents, he has the opportunity to make big, positive changes to our outdated and overbloated university system. Mark: git 'er done!
BTW: All you potential gubernatorial candidates take note. This is a winning issue.

The parents burdened with the cost of college and further burdened by children returning home after recieving useless degrees should be protesting at the capitol and storming the legistlature.

Unfortunately, they actually have to work.

Correction...Overcomes friction caused by gravity, not intertia, and I actually think that this correction adds to the story...friction...gravity...get it?

OK, beating a dead horse, maybe.
But I love this analogy, also.
Inertia is the energy of the movement of brick based on the mass of the brick, inertia will take the brick so far, until the gravity and friction again overwelm the energy being exerted on the mass by the bungee.
Greg, I am stealing this wonderful analogy from you with no guilt for the plagiarism.

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