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Nailed it. Legal or not, great post.

Ms Lee's LinkedIn page states that she was an intern for four months at *Creative Loafing*.

Seems very appropriate, apparently she participated in an On the Job Training (OJT)in Creative Facts/Advanced Loafing.

Cycle of death. Newspaper once had experienced reporters who researched important stories that found real wrongdoing. People were shocked, laws were passed, someone went to jail. That was more than 20 years ago. Now, the paper has interns who, because all the really good stories are broken on a website or a blog somewhere (since we're all wired 24/7/365) have to dig up mindless crap. But the papers overlords still want to think they have the same influence they had in 1986, so they run the crap. Next they'll be doing a three page Sunday spread on the predominance of thespians in theatre.

Fantastic article - great analysis that you can get no where else. The closing paragraph, using their own words against them to put an exclamation mark on media hypocrisy was beautiful. Thanks for your insights, Greg!

Great post. As usual.

Brilliant Greg.
PS - I usually stop reading any article that has "Daniel Patterson" in it when I get to "Daniel Patterson".

Kudos, Greg; one of your best.

Do you think that left a mark?

I certainly hope one of her editors sat down with her and reviewed her article and your post to give her on-the-job training. It was a stupid article.

Michelle Ye Hee Lee privately writes stories behind closed doors for a publication she calls The Arizona Republic. Personally, I am in favor of openness and honesty.

Let's give the young lady a break. She's been on the job for a very short time, has no discernible skills, and works for the Arizona Republic. That's three big strikes. Have a heart.

The pathetic thing about this is that the editors at the Republic are also so incredibly clueless, and know so little about the way that government really works, that they signed off on this ridiculous story also. Thanks for writing this Greg. That was one of your best posts ever.

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