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I don't understand the uproar about Olivia cortes being in the race, if every candidate had to have a meaningful platform and solid goals come election time there would be very few names on the ballot.

I'll agree with you, Greg. Montini is rarely on the right side of logic. , Although, you do leave it open for interpretation as to whether or not taxpayers should foot the campaign bill for Senator Pearce. As someone who has never been for "Clean" elections, I do not feel his campaign should be paid for by taxpayers. But then again, taxpayers paid for Senator Pearce's campaign in 2008, so I don't know why it would be different this time.

If the amount Clean Elections candidates receive is the standard for the "reasonable" amount called for in the constitution, we taxpayers should could our blessings. We're talking like $21k, right? I'm sure it cost the state and county much more than that just to conduct the election itself.

I bet lots more than $21k in public money is being used to defend officeholders in lawsuits regarding their official acts. You've heard of Joe Arpaio, right?

LOL, like that Greg. Perfect retort for EJ's "defacto Gov" line that used every other blog by EJ.

So Pearce has other groups raising private money to defend him, but he wants "clean elections" money to run his recall election? Sounds like he wants it both ways.

BS! Nice try Greg, the recall expenses "may" be paid, not "has" to be paid. But then that doesn't work as well with your spin.

Bob, I think it is you that is in error. Art 8, Part 1, Section 6 of the Az Const reads:

6. Application of general election laws; implementary legislation

Section 6. The general election laws shall apply to recall elections in so far as applicable. Laws necessary to facilitate the operation of the provisions of this article shall be enacted, including provision for payment by the public treasury of the reasonable special election campaign expenses of such officer.

Okay, we know what the Constitution says. What do statutes say? Anything?

Sorry I'm late to this party, but forcing taxpayers to pay for recall elections also forces them to pay more attention to the electoral process and who they are voting for. It's the electorate's own fault for electing poor representation; they should foot the bill every time they screw it up.

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