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I debated Paul Johnson on this issue last July 19th on Horizon. While I did not know it at the time, his statement that the Morrison Institute supports the so called “top-two” open primary or "jungle primary" was false.

There are many good reason to reject this "pie-in-the-sky" reform and I mention them on the show. Go to:

I'm excited for your commentary on the new district proposals!

Shouldn't Johnson be hanging drywall or something?

No matter what "reforms" are in place, if your party loses influence then the process is corrupt, obosolete, in needing of reform etc. Anything to keep from examining the party for flaws.

Ironic how "democratic" reforms result in outcomes that are not friendly to...Democrats. The kicker is when the process was more "republican" the results were friendlier to...Democrats.

Change we can believe in?

Ah the Golden Age that we reformed ourselves out of via democratic proposals.

And we should be listening to this guy because his landmark achievement as mayor was putting giant cups and vases on the side of the freeway and then calling it art?

Stick to drywall, it's harder to screw up.

I think the goofy art was Terry Goddard's mess. Whatever, Johnson and Goddard are interchangeable. I hope the initiative fails, but if it does pass, it probably benefit Republicans because the Dems are always coming up with screwing up things they think will benefit them. Ahh, don't ya just love the Progressives/Liberals/Democrats.

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