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Prediction for 2012: Eventually, the Republic will write a comprehensive "study" of the U. S. beheadings, just as they did with their review of "Fast and Furious" six months after the gun-running scandal was first discovered right under their noses. Linda Valdez will claim the deaths are due to the discontinued race studies in the Tucson school district.

With the dumbing down of their hiring policies The Republic now has more historians than investigative reporters.

Bu-bu-but Present Obama told the media that the border is more secure than evah. Don't the cartels know that killing is illegal? Maybe we need to pass some more laws, but get rid of SB1070 because its racist or something.

snark off

Unless the War on Drugs ends or Americans stop demanding the Cartel's products, expect this to continue. Its a sad commentary on corruption on both sides of the border. That said, the current Administration and Congress don't think there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Expect this to continue, especially if the victims continue to be Mexican nationals.

"the media ignored the story and focused on the gaffe." No surprise there. The story doesn't fit their agenda, after all, the border is secure, only good illegals are crossing, anyway (uhh, wait, no one's crossing). And the gaffe--well, of course, all Republicans are just buffoons. Just ask two buffoons who would know what to look for: Valdez and Montini.

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