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Keepin' it classy in the Old Pueblo...

At least they are being open about their intentions and worldview. We'll see how the voters respond to that.

Typical of the left -- those who disagree are assumed to be evil, not just wrong, misguided, uniformed or (horrors!) well-intended, intelligent people who logically have come to a different conclusion.

They need to be rode. Gotta love those Tucson intellectuals.

Tarred and feathered...well at least it's historical

more people should be able to find this information

The left continues to demonstrate just how radical they really are. And intolerant. And hateful. And bigoted. And racist.

Apparently, and to no one's surprise, the Arizona Daily Red Star blasted the TUSD board for dropping the MAS program. Is there something wrong with the water in Tucson? These people are nuts! Or maybe they just haven't gotten out of puberty yet--still living in the '60's.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it ironic that, in a screed regarding education, the individual's use of grammar is less-than-optimal?

That should be "ridden" out of town, doofus!

The Rogers dude sounds like hundreds of the posters on the Politico web site.

Once they get this crazy about someone not sticking with their liberal ideology, they start dreaming about shooting a Congresswoman. Which is exactly what happened in Tucson.

PaulS: You can't expect liberals to be tolerant and grammatically correct at the same time, can you?

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