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You wrote "catatonic" but you probably meant something like "apoplectic."

We can ignore typos, misspellings and odd grammar but in this case you are using a word that means the opposite of your intent.

I hate to disagree with you as often I don't. There is an interesting article on

It not so subtly blames the Israeli's and tells them to stop using a false flag practice they probably used to assassinate a number of Iranians scientists.

What direct evidence, if any, do you have to back up your allegation the US was involved?

Walt, covert ops are ... covert. There is no direct evidence that any nation was involved. It is possible that Israel was involved. It is possible that the US was involved. It is also possible that Sweden was involved. But most people who pay attention to such things might say -- both Israel and the US (as of late) have a track record in killing individuals like this, but Sweden does not, so it's rational to suspect Israel and the US but Sweden -- not so much.

As someone who voted for Obama in 2008 I can state without a guilty conscience that I will not be voting for the president for a few of the reasons Greg mentioned.

Strange how the policies that were so reviled during W's Presidency have been continued and in some cases expanded. Maybe its because they were...effective. Another thought is maybe now that Hussein the Wise gets the same intelligence briefings that Dubya did, he realized his previous notions were mistaken.

His followers...well, they can still hope for change.

Perhaps some Iranian killers?

The "hypocrisy" is really based more on ridiculous misinterpretation and complete ignorance of facts. We invaded Libya? The left has been silent? Obama made no effort to shut down Gitmo? He's continued torturing people?

The right wing continues living in it's fantasy world. There is now no doubt that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction. The economy is fundamentally sound. Reagan proved that deficits don't matter. The insurgency is in its last throes. We invaded Libya. Obama tortures people just like Bush did. And the left remains silent.

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