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And dont count out Dave Sitton, hear he has made a good impression with those he talked to.

Wow. Not one single word of kindness, support, thanks, sympathy, or compassion directed towards Gabrielle Giffords.

Not one single word.

I always knew the term "compassionate conservatism" was a crock of crap.

No heart, no soul. Sad. Truly, truly sad.

Woodman: get a clue. There has been nothing by good wishes for Gabby Giffords (and rightfully so) from everybody for the past year. We all have heart and soul. What is truly sad is you have no brain.

Paton may have raised a lot of money, but he lost to a rookie with no money, and he lost big. Word is Antenori will run, he can raise money too and he's no rookie. Paton should think long and hard about it.

Newman? Really? A pot smoker that loves to raise everybody's utility bill? Not a chance.

The Democrats 'gaming' the system once again, disenfranchising the voters, and anyone using Gabby for political gain ... shame on you...shame on the Democrat strategist handlers..the cut off for 'special election' would have been about May , 3 months difference would have made for a FAIR election, what the People deserve.Shame on the Democrats.

Frank Antenori, all the way. Hate to lose him from AZ state, but he will be an awesome representative (at the federal level). Frank was already close to running, he hinted at it many times (has the exploratory already going) and even before this was announced, he was set to announce. He is definitely in (in my opinion).

It is remarkable that you did not say a token "hope she recovers fully" or "While it is a shame it came to this..."
Simply stunning

Yes, tut, tut, you did not offer a standard, generic, token, insincere, "hope she recovers fully." Ha.

Once she was lucid enough to "author" a book, she should of resigned for the good of her state and district.

I wonder if the potential redistricting will come into play for those making this decision? As a resident of CD8, I truly want someone who works and lives with us and understands our problems and needs, not someone just looking for another rung up the ladder.

truther, Woodman and the rest of you linguini-spined lefties: Enough with the "why aren't you more sympathetic to Gabby's condition?" We are and have been for over a year. What's truly sad (other than Woodman having no brain) is the way the Democrats have used Giffords for political gain since the tragedy: claiming conservative radio talk show hosts fomented the hate, dragging on what was fairly obvious to anyone with a lick of common sense that Gabby was in no condition to serve or run (even a race for the Senate was "her's for the taking"), and now, when we are discussing hardball politics, not enough sympathy is being expressed for her?
Please. It's the Dems and the left who have shown the least compassion by being so political about the tragedy, not the R's and the right.

Matt, you wrote, " I truly want someone who works and lives with us and understands our problems and needs, not someone just looking for another rung up the ladder."

Are you going to get this person to sign a pledge not to seek a higher office?

No dope on a rope - this district IS WHY WE HAVE MEDICAL MJ!

Undoubtably which ever Dem gets Gabby's endorcement is holding the seat until (if) she decides to return.

Sign a pledge not to seek higher office? Nah, I know better than to ask for promises they won't keep. I just don't care for it when it is obvious a district is only a stepping stone to higher office and ambitions. I deal with it by generally not voting for incumbents unless there truly a compelling reason they should be reelected.

Paul Newman is trying to get elected to an office where it's no big deal to smoke a blunt during work.

Maybe DC is just that place.

Greg, you know the ACC is the Leisure World for electeds. Perhaps for Newman it's the Hotel California.

Imagine you're a Congressman or DC insider who's worked with Giffords. You're suddenly confronted by her replacement, and it's...Newman?

All the potheads in District 8 will probably vote for Newman (Caveat Alert: unless Gabby endorses someone else), but it still won't be enough to get him elected. I think it's Paton's or Antenori's to win. All bets are off if the astronaut runs.

Potheads vote? And Mark Kelly has said he is not running (this time).

Who runs on the Dem side will be interesting, but I agree if Gabby endorses someone they will most likely be the Dem nominee.

@Greybeard ACC is a leisure world? I believe it's in session all 12 months of the year. And I recall reading newspaper articles in December saying that their Hearings were going til 12 midnight. @Charlie Mark Kelly lives in Houston

Paton is running in the new CD1, not in CD8.
Jesse Kelly, Antenori & Sitton will split the vote in a CD8 race. I'd bet on Sitton to win the special.

"All bets are off if the astronaut runs."

Never happen. He hates Tucson.

For the rest of us who do not live in Baja Arizona (aka Tucson), who is Sitton and how is he/she going to beat Antenori? Thx

Dave Sitton is a long time UA broadcaster, so has quite a bit of name recognition. He is (or was) coaching rugby at UA. I have a feeling he will get the support of the $ GOP establishment (Jim Click).

By all accounts, he seems like a great guy. But he is no Frank Antenori, and that is definitely where my initial support will be.

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