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The Republic's copy desk, which should catch such errors, has been decimated by the many rounds of layoffs. That said, it is still sloppy reporting/writing by the author of the story.

As for Schweikert, Greg, any time you write about him you should include a disclaimer that he is your best buddy. In the real world of journalism a reporter is not allowed to write about friends. That's just another difference between journalists and bloggers. An important difference if you care about basic ethics.

janfan: "In the real world of journalism a reporter is not allowed to write about friends." Really? Seriously? Of course, you are kidding. The incestuous relationship between the media and leftist politicians borders on criminal. The mainstream media is and has been in the tank for Democrats for decades. And it's not just at an ideological level--it's personal. The press whores themselves to Dems and vice versa.

Wow, hadn't seen the Melvin "Fact Check" piece. Ironically, it too has at least one factual error:

"The Center for Arizona Policy, from which Melvin says he got his information, did not include responses from all legislators."

No, the Center for Arizona Policy did not RECEIVE responses from all legislators. It's an optional survey, and they print every one they get.

Greg, are you fact checking the story about how many coyote-sightings there have been in Arcadia?

Ron J.,
You, and Gov. Finger Wagger, are both idiots.

janfan: great comeback. You got me. I'm crushed.

"I must say that among educated people, politics occupies far too great a proportion of their time. . .Questions of higher spirit cannot even be compared to the sort of blinking frivolity of politics. The ultimate problems of life and death show the colossal nature of this difference even more...People are prepared to stuff their heads with anything, and to talk on any subject, while actually blocking off any true contemplation of the [whole] issue. This is the reason for the increased pettiness of our society, and our concentration on the small and the irrelevant." - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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