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Benson's latest on the Catholic church would be enough for me to cancel. But we subscribe primarily to get coupons, so until those go away, I'll skip over the offensive nonsense and enjoy my savings at the grocery store.

If Groupon was ever was able to replicate the Sunday circular section, The Republic would collapse so fast it would take your breath away!

Greg, You write, "These stories make blogging easier." Yeah, because you don't have to do any original research. How is the Coyote count goint in Arcadia?

Oops. going....

Once the AZ Republic is gone you can count on the Washington Post (
to do your research.

I'm thinking ( westsider ) works the Republic copy desk! Must be the first day of your furlough :)

Nope, never worked in the press room of any newspaper - well, I did a short stint in a college newspaper. I didn't like the job.

The bad newspaper man touched Greggy and now he needs to make the bad man go away. One word Greg...therapy

What is better therapy than writing a blog?

I know Greg and most of his clones just like to bag on the Republic for its alleged bias. I just think it has become a crappier and crappier newspaper since Gannett took it over and started kicking anyone with experience (too expensive) to the curb in their never-ending attempts to keep its stock price from hitting rock bottom. Meanwhile its honchos keep taking huge bonuses, because the only people they have to make happy are the stockholders. Screw the readers they should be serving, and the employees who have given years and years of hard work.

Janfan - I don't think the shareholders are very happy:;range=my

Gannett is back to 1990's prices.

@ Matt - alleged bias?? Are you kidding me. Name one positive story that the Republic has done about the Legislature? I am talking about all 90 members both R and D.

Who wants to by news that does not print anything positive. If they wrtie about Arizona's economy getting better becasue of the decision made at the Capitol they may start with a line about revenues being up but end with don't expect more funding for fill in the blank. If I want to get a daily does of hate I will watch CNN.

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