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Newspapers need to realize that the web is a new medium, not simply a newspaper online.

I am told by Town of Gilbert that there are some unintended consequences, like treating every building permit and CofO like a "rule" that requires a 45 day process, because fees are paid. If this is true, it isn't a workable process, nor a protection of stakeholders.

Sorry, wrong post!

You know, for a long time I worried about the transition to a post-newspaper world - but one look at my favorites bar this morning completely eradicated that concern.

Nowadays, I get economic analysis from blogs run by and for economists; energy and water views from people in the business; and political analysis from sites that don't hide their political bent - if I want to know what the left thinks I look at HuffPost; for the right, Redstate. For local politics, Espressopundit and SonoranAlliance.

Creative destruction - always painful for the losers, always amazing for the consumers.

Are advertisers getting the same bang for fewer bucks? I mean, does $1 in Web advertising bring them the same amount of business that $7 in newspaper advertising used to bring them? If not, are they spending additional advertising dollars elsewhere? If so, where? Or are they just spending less on advertising than they used to?

Saya pernah terbaca. Penulisan itu katanya apabila kita menulis sesebuah artikel, janganlah kita tulis semua info2 yg TERLALU BERNAS dan Lengkap. Cukup sampai bebrapa point penting shj !. Kalu semua point dah diberi oleh si penulis, sampai org lain (pmbaca lain) takde peluang memberi idea. Kemeriahan berblog itu tidak dpt dirasai., irvingia gabonesis, zpj,

Thank you TwanaKello. Finally a post here that makes sense.

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