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Greg, If the legislature doesn't care about "guns in bars" legislation, why did it pass a bill allowing them? Apparently, it cares.


Greg, If the legislature doesn't care about "birther" bills, why did it pass this bill?


Wow, the 2011 Birther bill wasn't enough, so the legislature discussed it again in 2012.


Media creation?

By golly, the legislature passed a "guns in bars" bill in 2009. Can't be true - media creation...

"During her first year in office, Brewer signed a bill allowing loaded guns in bars and restaurants, as well as another that prohibits property owners from banning guns from parking areas, so long as the weapons are kept locked in vehicles."

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/election/azelections/articles/2010/02/03/20100203weaponbills0203.html#ixzz1prKiEXX1in 2009.

Looks like their commenters are already making the transition to other venues.


I believe the current legistature (at least a majority of them) have considered an individuals constitutional rights. That has resulted in the passage of gun laws that have returned individual rights to the people. My recent favorite would be Constitutional Carry legislation that passed as well which removed the requirement of getting a permission slip from elected people in order to carry a concealed firearm.

I don't think you are going to find 1.000 people paying $1,000 a year; the NY Times is about $450 for a year. (We all know the AZ Republic is no NY Times :)). The NY Times, being the Times, has now crossed the half a million online subscribers. What is the online subscription base for the Capital Times at this time?

The real problem as I see it with the eventual loss of the Republic will be for me to find a new material to put in the bottom of my bird cage. That is the most good that it does anyways.

If the Republic would just make an effort to appeal to more than the NPR crowd, it may actually have a shot at succeeding. Of course, they'd rather fold than do that...

Charles, there a lots of freebie job mags, etc. the grocery store, don't despair :)


@Gordie Howe - Spot on. The Arizona Republic cannot survive if it maintains it's current left-of-center bias. The editorial board and the regular columnists like Montini appeal to very little. It's unsettling to see the press so biased and it makes no sense to cram that bias down the throats of a general populace that does not hold those same views. Especially when those same people have an option to pay for the material or not. I threw in the towel last week and cut The Republic out of my weekly expenses. Poor business model.

But if the Star dies, where will we get our misinformation?

Good one, Stewie!

LA Times is doing the same thing, you get 15 free articles a month. Then you have to pay. Or use a different computer, or browser, or your iPad.

It's my guess that E J Montini and Linda Valdez have driven away more Republic readers than all the reporters and even the editorial board combined. It started years ago with Montini and his nutty colleage David Lebowitz. It's one thing for the paper to have colunmnists who are critical writers--even cynics. It's something else when those columnists are just left-wing ranters (water carriers for the Democratic Party) with no points to make other than "conservatives are Neanderthals." Readers can't stomach a constant flow of negativism aimed at their values. The Republic's downfall is one of it's own making. There is little balance. As nice a guy and as talented as Bob Robb is (and he has his shortcomings as well), he can't make up for all the leftist dribble coming from the Republic on a daily basis.


Media creation?

i think that if a newspaper doesn't touch enough people to generate its own buzz then no one cares about its coverage. (

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