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I think you missed the apology that Schapira already gave: https://twitter.com/#!/dschapira

Looks like your prediction is wrong again...

Greg, you're a little late. Schapira already apologized, via Twitter, this afternoon.

By the way, you've been predicting his demise for over six years. Like most of your predictions, this one is sure to be wrong.

The awesome irony is that the SB1462 is an anti-bullying bill. Seriously.

Ya, I agree, David D. Herrod was acting like a complete bully in killing the bill.

Joe and TempeMom, that's not really an apology. That would be like me saying to someone, "I'm sorry for calling you an idiot. I meant to say you're a jerk. So, are we good now?"

As for the bill, I have no idea why or how she killed it, and whether or not her manner in doing so could be considered bullying. I wouldn't simply assume, though, that the mere fact of having killed an "anti-bullying" bill makes her a bully. (And yes, I've read the bill. I can see reasons for opposing it, despite the obvious fact that no one supports bullying.)

Which step of the Alinsky's Rule 11 are they on right now in attacking Cathi Herrod? Freeze, personalize, or polarize?

Cathy Herrod killed a bill? What am I missing here? Did she vote it down? Did she veto it? I must have a total misunderstanding of the legislative process.
Watching Brahm Resnick's totally biased (gasp!) coverage was a form of bullying....in my humble opinion.

Greg, Sounds like you believe Cathi Herrod had a role in killing the bill --

"She'll be getting legislation passed that she supports...and killing bills that she doesn't like."

Shapira stood at the podium during the press conference claiming his anti-bullying bill had nothing to do with the gay agenda. Then the only student to speak on behalf of the bill was--you guessed it--a gay. Maybe Cathi Herrod is correct. "Legislative terrorist," "legislative bully," tomato, tomahto.

Shapira's "apology" via Twitter holds no water. Go to the press or speak with her directly. I also have my doubts one woman tied up this bill (that I'd have to read before commenting on).

As for the Republic, they are simply out of touch. Last week I cancelled my subscription and gave them 2 specific reasons for why I was canceling. Three days later I get a call from their sales team offering me a discount on Sunday only delivery. They didn't want to address my reasons for canceling (neither of which was price, just to sell me the paper again. They are an arrogant bunch.

Blah, blah, blah.

None of you have addressed the real issue: why was this bill killed. I suspect lobbyists were involved. Aren't they always?

Bullying already is against the law. Do you want to make it more against the law? Herrod has a point: the left is always using deceptive means to get their radical agenda into our schools. One approach is to play the diversity card and, of course, it's always the left's definition of diversity.

"Bullying already is against the law. Do you want to make it more against the law?"

It is? Since when?

Did Espresso Pundit demand that Russell Pearce apologize when the now disgraced former President of the State Senate went on national television with a wild claim that "half the murders in Phoenix are committed by illegal aliens"? Did Espresso Pundit even acknowledge that Mr. Pearce was lying or that his lies were fanning the flames of racial hatred? So much for civility.

Espresso Pundit, of course, ran with the big news story that illegal aliens were trying to steal the election in November of 2010. The Yuma County elections office received 3000 fraudulent voter registrations, remember, you read it right here on Espresso Pundit. You had to wait three days for a newspaper to actually pick up that thing called telephone, make one phone call, and prove that the story was total bullshit. Another lie, another attempt to fan the flames. Did Espresso Pundit ever apologize? Did he even acknolwledge that he got the story totally wrong and "printed" a stupid racist rumor?

So much for civility.

Brother Lester: Are you going to admit that the Mexican drug violence has and is spilling over into Arizona? I am asking you in a civil manner.

Drug violence in Mexico is caused by drug abuse en los Estados Unidos, verdad? Of course drug violence has spilled over the border. We never had drug violence in this country that was not associated with the border? The wave of crack cocaine fueled gang violence in 80's and 90's, for instance. That was caused by illegal immigrants?

Decades of a failed drug policy and a very poor country sharing a border with a very wealthy country create any number of problems. So I ask you in a civil manner: America's drug problem is Mexico's fault? Mr. Pearce is solving this problem by inventing fake statistics that blame people for crimes they are not responsible for? How so?

And to ask in a civil manner: where did Mr. Pearce get his statistics for his claim that half the murders in Phoenix are committed by illegal aliens? Where did he get his statistics for his claim that 9000 Americans are murdered every year by illegal immigrants? If you are unable to support these hysterical claims, are you willing to acknowledge that they are lies? Lies, my friends, are just that. Lies.

Wow -- that's some apology. LOL.

I assumed it was one of those that start with "If I offended anyone ..." which is the usual format for a non-apology masquerading as an apology.

This one didn't even meet that standard. Hilarious that two people actually cite it.

Congrats on completely missing the point. Greg clearly shows how ludicrous it is for the pot to claim the kettle is the source of incivility. Plus, needing to go back 4+ years for a quote from someone who is not even in office anymore as an example of conservative incivility just furthers the point.

Attaboy, Lester. Don't let Greg's clones get you down.

I think it would be a good idea.
Mahatma Ghandi, when asked by a reporter for his opinion of western civilization

Illegal aliens did commit half the murders in Phoenix. In fact, they committed more than hlalf the murders. In 2006, murders in Phoenix stood at 238. By 2009, murders had dropped to less than 90 per year.

Russell Pearce was right. No apology necessary. In act, he is owed an apology.

hmmnnn i think you missed to apologized. i think that you have a wrong prediction.

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