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It wasn't Police Chief Jack Harris who resigned in 2010; he retired some years earlier. With the cooperation of the city council, City Manager Frank Fairbanks rehired the retired Police ChiefJack Harris as the Public Safety Manager Jack Harris. Many citizens were quite upset because most of us don't get to retire one day and get re-hired the same day with a new title and collect both a retirement check and and a salary. It was Public Safety Manager Jack Harris who resigned in 2010.

Many citizens including former and present Phoenix police officers were quite upset at the arrangement set up for Jack Harris which may explain why story broke the way it did.

As to the point about the current investigation clearing Mr. Harris's name, the investigation does that. You ask where does Jack Harris go to restore his reputation, his reputation was already under question by the above actions.

I think most think of someone physically nabbing someone has a kidnapping. If force or the threat of force is used to move someone (even just our of a room) it meets the legal requirement of kidnapping.

I can't believe what I'm about to post: I agree with westsider. (Fireworks, whistles, cowbells.) Harris' cozy deal with the City of Phoenix (read that: Phil Gordon) was an embarrassment to the rank and file (and all folks of good intentions). Unfortunately, it took a made-up scandal fueled by poor journalism (what a surprise) to get rid of him. Harris is doing fine; he's got plenty of money to enjoy his second retirement and he's been exonerated for one scandal (kidnapping numbers), but not the other (double-dipping).

RonJ, It is a nice day in paradise. :)
Thank you for the thumbs up.

Fair point made, Greg. But ironic coming from a blogger who has for years -- ad hominem and often unsupported by the facts -- slimed the reputations of people he doesn't like. Glass houses.

Matt: "ad hominem," "often unsupported by the facts," "slimed reputations?" What blog are you reading? First, it's an opinion blog; second, Greg, goes out of his way to use as many sources as possible. I don't always agree with him, but I do respect his approach. Your claims are unfounded and quite honestly just silly.

westsider: paradise is always good. ;)

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