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The one disagreement I have is that it was somehow "OK" to prevent competition when there were three competitors but not when there is one. This reminds me of why Republicans can't be trusted to make a case for free market capitalism. New competitors can bring just as much to the table in already crowded markets as they can to monopolies. Were we "OK" when there were just 3 major networks, or are we better off with competition from 600 cable channels? Were we "OK" with just the big 3 auto makers or are we better off with Toyotas and Kias as choices?

coyote: you make no sense. Your claim that "Republicans can't be trusted to make a case for free market capitalism" is utter nonsense. Free market capitalism speaks for itself--it works. It's Democrats who keep trying to make the case for government getting involved with every aspect of our lives that's the problem because history has shown every time that's tried it doesn't work--ever.

Go get em Greg! Great post. Invaluable information.

RonJ doesn't want government getting involved, yet isn't that exactly what Greg is lobbying for. Capitalism allows monopolies -- let the rich get bigger,and richer. You can't have it both ways.

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