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At least give Dennis some credit for promotional creativity. It's slimy--but it got your attention.

Manson is a punk.
Welch is a punk rocker.

Manson was a songwriter who worked with a guy named Dennis Wilson.
Dennis Welch is a musician named Dennis.

Manson wrote a song called "Mason Jar and a Hog."
Welch knows where the old Mason Jar in Phoenix is.

Manson assaulted and killed three people.
Welch was assaulted by Governor Jan Brewer.

Manson butchered those people.
Welch was in a band called "Sam The Butcher."

Manson did the murders as revenge against the music industry.
Welch named his next band "The Revenge."

Welcome to local television sweeps mania, Dennis. Leave your dignity at the door.

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