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If Roberts, Montini and Valdez can't make up stuff, how are they supposed to write a compelling column? Come on, GP, lefties need jobs, too.

This is nothing new for Laurie Roberts. A few years ago she destroyed the reputation of a leading attorney with a series on a probate case gone bad. Week after week after week she vilified that attorney and the probate court generally with lies, innuendos and one-sided reporting. Then her sister, Ruth Ann Timmer who was an appeals court judge at the time, used the publicity to help springboard herself onto the Arizona Supreme Court.
Laurie Roberts is as dirty as they get.

For our Journalism 101 midterm today, class, we will have multiple choice and true or false questions.

1. Who was the prominent right wing blogger who ran a story in October 2010 accusing "the left" of trying to steal an election based on a completely false report of fraudulent early ballot requests in Yuma?

A. Greg Patterson
B. Greg Patterson
C. Greg Patterson
D. Russell Pearce in Sonoran Alliance
E. All of the above

2. When did Mr. Patterson retract, correct, or apologize for posting this fraudulent story fanning the flames of racial hatred in Arizona?

A. Never
B. Never
C. Never
D. Never
E. all of the above

3. Which right wing blogger then felt entitled to lecture us about Journalism 101? Along with handing out awards for "Hypocrite of the Year"?

A. Greg Patterson
B. Greg Patterson
C. Greg Patterson
D. Greg Patterson
E. all of the above

4. Which of the people listed below most closely resembles Thurston Howell the Third?

A. Greg Patterson's favorite governor J. Fife Symington the Third.
B. Greg Patterson's favorite presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney the Third.
C. President Barack Obama
D. Janet Napolitano
E. my full apologies to Jim Backus and Thurston Howell himself. Such nice fellows should not be compared with creeps like Romney and Symington.

5. True or False: most major universities pay their presidents little or nothing at all.

6. True or False: university presidents, if they are in fact paid, receive a paycheck in which that thing called "taxes" have been withheld.

7. True or False: Romney and Symington paid taxes.

8. True or False: only a hypocrite on steroids could support the likes of Symington and Romney and then whine about a university president being paid $570,000 and getting a house as well.

9. True or False: shutting down the federal government in an attempt to defund the Affordable Care Act will backfire and lead to the long pending destruction of the Republican Party as we know it.

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