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It's amazing how the left picks its issue de jour almost to the exclusion of all else just to stick its liberal finger in everyone's eye--just like an immature rebellious teenager. They just never grow up, do they.

President Obaba might have sent a bolder message. He could have sent Dick, Lynn, and Mary Cheney. On one condition only. Russia has to keep them. Forever.

It's really got to suck being so far on the wrong side of history on such a big issue. Who would have thought, 20 years ago, that Right Wing America would find themselves sitting in the same boat with the Russians? Of all people, really, the Russians. How does it feel helping Vladimir Putin re-arrange the deck chairs on your sinking ship of bigotry and hatred? Did it sting just a bit when Pope Francis abandoned ship on you? Didn't it really sting when he stomped off talking about poverty and economic justice like some kind of commie?

That made a bold statement. Indeed. But who am I to judge?

Spoken like a true secularist. When the final chapter of earth's history is written (I submit it will not be too far in the future), the left will be "wailing and gnashing their teeth." Talk about being on the wrong side of history, you have no idea.

The Olympic Games are intended to be an apolitical event in which athletes from a variety of cultures can freely compete on the basis of merit. I do not find it prudent to think that the U. S. government should squander valuable time politicizing an international sporting event in a foreign country when we have more pressing domestic priorities to address.

Please check the snark and deadpan gloating at the door. Ego inflation contributes nothing to the debate and attracts little respect from one's opponents.

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