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Some of us actually took physics. Four semesters of it. And we thus would know that the concept of Entropy belongs to the field of thermodynamics, not to physics. Thermodynamics is touched upon briefly in physics courses and covered in more depth in advanced chemistry courses. If you want a full course in the field of thermodynamics, you'll find yourself in the Engingeering Department. My physics major college roommate thought it was the most difficult course he took as an undergrad.

Those of you who took any college level science course at all ought to know, then, that the popular concept of entropy, which is roughly translated as chaos or disorder, belongs to the field of information theory, rather than to any field of physical science. Entropy in thermodynamics involves the measurement of heat and work and energy and states of equilibrium within systems. It has nothing, I repeat, nothing whatsover to with the pop culture notion of chaos and disorder as stated here by Professor Espresso.

Back in late 2011 or early 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate and all around genius Michelle Bachmann unleashed the old canard about the Second Law of Thermodynamics disproving the theory of evololution. She is, of course, a complete idiot. With a law degree. Go figure.


For a whole lot of purported education, you're still a pompous windbag.

Woodman was able to demonstrate his elitism and anti-conservative female bigotry all under 300 words-- a new record.

And Professor Espresso and his minions will choose, as is their wont, to remain blissfully aloof of reality. No matter how hard some people try to explain it to them.

Einstein's Fourteenth Law of Nonnuclear ThermoPhysics states that those who choose a bubble of self created delusion over reality will inevitable suffer frequent, jarring, and exquisitely painful collisions with the real world. Just ask Mitt about that Unskewed 11 point lead he had going into election night. Chaos and disorder followed. But not entropy.

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