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In fairness it should also be pointed out that sham third party candidates have helped Republicans win races also.

Democrat Jackie Thrasher unseated GOP incumbent Doug Quelland in 2006 by a very narrow margin. In the 2008 rematch, a candidate from the Green Party appeared on the ballot. No one, absolutely no one, in the Green Party had ever met her, heard of her, or knew who she was. When questioned by reporters, she had no idea what the Green Party was or what its position was on any issue.

She picked up a couple thousand votes. Quelland won his seat back by a few hundred votes. Until he was expelled for cheating on Clean Elections laws. Until he refused to vacate his seat even after he was expelled.

Then we could point out former state legislator Steve May, caught red handed recruiting homeless people on the street in Tempe and trying to get them on the ballot as Green Party candidates. In order to pull a few votes away from Democrats.

Patterson has no credibility on this issue until he acknowledges that sham candidates have been deployed by the Republican party.

He has no credibility on the issue at all until he actually comes clean about the facts surrounding sham candidate extraordinaire Olivia Cortes. Something which, of course, he will not do.

Then start your own blog and bring the issues to light. Otherwise, you have no credibility to talk.

I watched Dallas Buyers Club recently. EJ Montini looks worse than full-blown AIDS patients.

GP's credibility is not the issue. Republicans don't deny that so-called "sham" candidates are employed. Both sides have done it. The issue is why is it bad when Republicans do it, but OK when Dems do it? Even to the point of a Republic columnist suggesting and supporting it?
BTW: Olivia Cortes is no more a "sham candidate extraordinaire" than any other; you just don't like it that she was supposed to help Russell Pearce. Your leftist bigotry is shining through.

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