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Laurie Roberts couldn't find her fat ass with two hands and a road map.

In the 1990's, I traveled from my home to my place of work five days each week--66 miles round trip, 16,500 miles per year (66 miles per day X 5 days per week X 50 weeks = 16,500 miles). And that's in the Phoenix-metro area. Isn't it reasonable to assume that Sen. Shooter--or any elected official who lives outside the Phoenix-metro area where the districts are large--could easily rack up 30,000+ miles each year? For the sloppy, trivial, partisan, amateur reporter: the answer is "yes."

Hack "Journalists" produce Hack "Stories". It's that simple.

And this is why the Republic is dying. Who actually pays to read this crap?

I like how the selfie-taking reporter only has a job because his daddy was on the station for 30 years.

Lest we forget the main reason the Republic gave Rios a pass: He fits the top two "Media Darling" slots:
1. Hispanic
2. Democrat

How do hiss legal expenses relate to the subject of the article: travel expenses? Oh, it's a hit piece, never mind.

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