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I get the impression that the AzRep is asking the questions because they think or hope the answers will be damaging to Mr. Horne and not because they think the answers will show an abuse of power.

The answer is simple: This admin has eavesdropped on reporters, used the IRS to intimidate policitcal foes, and they've done their best to hobble a GOP Attorney General. Horne sued on ObamaCare, told the NLRB to take a hike when they demanded AZ allow "card check" despite an AZ law, is challenging the EPA over its actions toward coal production, and the list goes on. Obama's FBI is doing this because Obama wants them to.

Doug, you nailed it. Obama has his own enemies list and there's a bulls eye on Arizona. Horne hasn't helped himself, but there was no reason for the FBI to be involved in the first place. Also, the media (read that: the Republic) is only reporting on Horne's alleged campaign indiscretions. They are ignoring similar allegations of illegal coordination in the Felicia Rotellini campaign. But that really shouldn't surprise anyone.

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