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It's a shame the Gannett Blog is shutting down as well.

GP: You're giving Fitz way too much credit for, well, anything. So few people even know of his existence that your blogging of him probably quadrupled his readership.
Fitz is a leftist bigot who is part of the reason the Arizona Red Star is history. But at least we can thank him for that.

The problem with the Right's oft repeated claim that Democrats controlled the slavery and Jim Crow south is those Democrats are now Republicans. The Republican Party's "southern strategy" was a direct appeal to the baser instincts of southern Democrats and it was hugely successful. So yes, the slave holders and Jim Crow enablers were Democrats. The proud inheritors of their legacy is the modern Republican party.

And President Obama's deportation policy gets lots of coverage in the mainstream media. If people are uninformed about the President's deportation policy it's because 1) they choose to ignore it or 2) they watch FOX, which only talks about immigration from the White Right perspective and the President's deportations don't fit that narrative.


The Democrats that supported Jim Crow are likely dead, ergo, vote Democratic.

That's among the most absurd pieces of revisionist history I've ever heard.

The South today has African-American elected officials, business owners, journalists, medical and legal professionals, and so on, and so on....

The oppressive, racist, and inhuman treatment of African Americans under the imprimatur of the laws, mores and social structure of the South has been dead and buried for decades. Yes, there are ignorant bigots in this world and they will always be with us, but that's a human failing, not exlusive to any political party.

How 'bout we treat each other as people and try, just try, to put aside all labels... It would do Republicans, Democrats, and people of all ethnic backgrounds a lot of good.

I won't hold my breath, though....

"What party do you think that was? I'll give you a hint. It wasn't the Republican or Libertarian Parties."

Looks like you're confusing party affiliation with conservative/progressive ideals.

I would do that too, if my party gave shelter to people like Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms. I'd do as much possible to distract that issue, because otherwise, I'd have to acknowledge history didn't end in 1964.

Hey, Klute, as long as we're bringing up dead Senators, how 'bout the 'ol Wizard hisself, Robert Byrd?

Yeah, a stain on his past if ever there was one but of course, like I said, history did not end in 1964.

So, while the Democratic Party has had a shameful past in relation to slavery (except, of course, for those courageous Democrats who left the party to form the Free Soil party - but again, I'm not conflating the progressive ideal to a party lable), the Democratic Party's history post-60s has been to keep the flame that the pre-1964/68 Republicans started lit.

People like Strom Thurmond left the Democratic Party and joined the GOP. Why? And why did the GOP welcome them in with open arms?

These are hard, painful questions I'm afraid you're not willing to confront, Doug.

“When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years, either” - Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS), 2002


You owe me $280.99. That's $1.99 for that abortion of an e-book, and $279.00 to replace a Kindle that committed suicide for having that e-book downloaded on it.

Hey Britton,

Sorry, no refunds.

"How 'bout we treat each other as people and try, just try, to put aside all labels... It would do Republicans, Democrats, and people of all ethnic backgrounds a lot of good."

Just sayin' Klute. Not gonna bite on being trolled.

"How 'bout we treat each other as people and try, just try, to put aside all labels... It would do Republicans, Democrats, and people of all ethnic backgrounds a lot of good."

And that's a great sentiment, one that we should strive to achieve.


Revisionist would be to suggest that the federal debt is as bad as slavery (a claim made by Sarah Palin, although that might just be ridiculous hyperbole) or that family life during slavery was a good thing (a claim made by Michele Bachmann).

It is not revisionist to suggest that today's GOP is the inheritor of the southern Democrats racial exclusion policies. Exhibit 1 is the number of Southern Democrats who fled the party in the 1950s and 1960s when the party finally embraced civil rights. They were welcomed into the big tent of the Republicans. That's not revisionism.

The Democrats who switched parties in the 1960s are dead.

Please come up with a better excuse, you brain dead libtard.

Another fine example of conservative / GOP civility.

Another tired card that's been overplayed since the Giffords incident.

Try again, libtard.

Civility has nothing to do with senseless attack on Giffords (calling it an "incident" does a terrible disservice to Giffords and the people murdered by the madman).

It has to do with not throwing around names like "libtard" or, yes, equating Arpaio with Hitler." Civility is something that should make our society better and the erosion of civility is certainly hurting our society. So relish your name calling, it cheapens us all.

Try again. You libtard have been whining about civil discourse ever since one of your own decided to put the optional moonroof if Gabby's head.

Give a rest, cultist.

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