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You should see the ProPublica article the a Republic ran verbatim today bashing the Koch Brothers.

The Left, including the Mainstream Media (MSM), of course, will never admit their bigotry against the Right. It's in their genes (there's a great book about that, written by a liberal, that's worth discussing at a later time). They deny the truth even as it comes up to bite them in the rear. You're correct, GP, losing the Hispanic vote is the Republicans' least worry in the 2014 election cycle. They need to shore up their base, stick by their conservative values and principles, which almost always win when presented properly and with a believable candidate (see Ronald Reagan).

"The person who wrote the sub head assumed that these protests would only affect Republicans."
Or is it that she wanted "you" the reader to believe that?

Even if the blogger is correct about Hispanics and Republican voting trends, the type of misinformation that the subhead conveys could make a difference by feeding the belief that Republicans are racists (causing non-Hispanics to decide to vote against them).

I enjoyed that you brought up,

"And, as the media continues to tell us....Hispanic voters don't vote for Republicans anyway."

But, there are still some opposing voices within the GOP who believe the pro-family and pro-life values, within the Hispanic community. naturally binds them with conservative values.

It may be true that the best move would be for the GOP to punt and allow the Democrats' base to turn on them, and potentially see the party for what it truly is, race mongering.

David Schweikert's comment about the NSA and the left is worth putting on a plaque.

So what's your take on the wacko "religion bill"? You're not going near that one are you. Too Embarrassed?

Maybe Greg has this thing called a life, and hasn't gotten to it yet.

Tell you what, Joe Friday. Post an entry on your blog, and we can all dump on it.

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