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I did not ignore Vernon Parker because he is a Republican. I didn't include him because he currently does not hold an elected office, which is what my article was about. Daniel

That's good news!

Fortunately, there's a translate feature on Google from Republic staff to English.

What Daniel actually said:

I did not include Vernon Parker because he's a traitorous Uncle Tom teabagging untermensch, unworthy of coverage in a Gannett paper. Just ignore our circulation numbers and stock price. Racists.

Daniel, you just failed the laugh test, again. Cloves Campbell and Warren Stewart earned a mention, and neither currently holds office.

You quoted the prof claiming blacks have no shot at winning in a white district, which would have been properly contrasted by perhaps mentioning Parker as an elected Paradise Valley mayor.

Greg, charity is great but abuse of public trust is just wrong and Gonzalez is abusing logic.

A Republic reporter caught in a lie.

Must be a day ending in "y."

Let's give D. Gonzalez a break. Being a lefty means he's blinded by his bigotry, hence sight (and mentally) challenged.

A line from my story: There also is a “good chance” Utah voters will elect the state’s first African-American member of Congress. Mia Love, a Republican, lost by fewer than 800 votes to U.S. Rep. Jim Matheson, the Democrat incumbent, in 2012. She is running again this year. Matheson is not seeking re-election.

If she wins, “she’ll be elected by White voters,” Bositis said.


When you're in a hole, it's best to stop digging. One line about a candidate in another state does not excuse your omission of Vernon Parker.

You are simply a terrible writer, which unfortunately lumps you as "middle of the pack" at the Republic.

What office does Mia Love hold?

That would be where Daniel Gonzalez was caught in yet another lie.

Hope Danny Boy is working on his resume. Not because he got caught lying here, but you figure at age 50+, Gannett could hire four AA kids out of college for what they pay him.

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