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All you need to know about Horne is that he hired his mistress with the taxpayer's money.

His problems with the FBI, the campaign finance case, all of that, stems from his attempt to cover up the fact he hired his mistress with the taxpayer's money.

He's corrupt. And he will lose. Either to an R or a D.

And at the end of the day, you'll be writing for some sixth-rate newspaper.

Sucks to be you, Bastard.

Don't attack the messenger Rob, he is only delivering a message. I am thankful for Tom Horne for saving Arizona from Andrew Thomas V1. It is too bad only Republican voters can stave of Andrew Thomas V2 in the primary.

In the weeks since the stunning upset of Eric Cantor in Virginia, I have searched all over for some rational and believable explanation of this event, from mainstream political commentators to bloggers on the far left and far right. Cantor’s defeat could not accurately be attributed to low voter turnout, Democratic crossover voters, or even to the immigration issue. Paul Krugman finally put his finger on it: bait and switch.

Ronald Reagan brought religious conservatives into the GOP tent by pretending to be one of them. Uncle Ronnie threw a line or two into his speeches aimed at evangelicals, like a circus performer throwing hunks of raw meat to the animals. They ate it up and roared for more. Reagan then appointed a pro-choice justice to the Supreme Court. He got his tax cuts. The religious right got nothing. Bait and switch. The crassly cynical advisors that ran the Reagan show bet that religious conservatives would probably never catch on and would keep on voting Republican no matter what. They won their bet.

The Bush boys ran the same scheme with the same success. George W. ran in 2004 on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Once the election was over, W’s big agenda item was his pathetic failed attempt to privatize the Social Security system. The Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage? You’re kidding, aren’t you? W never lifted a finger for it. Bait and switch.

After two consecutive drubbings at the polls in 2006 and 2008, the Republican Party turned to the hardcore right wing and brought them into the tent. People they had marginalized for decades were now front and center in the party and even started to think they owned the dang thing. The old guard of the party was shocked into action by a series of horrid defeats by extremist Tea Partiers as they gave away sure thing Senate seats from one end of the country to the other. Now they want their party back.

They can’t have it back. No more bait and switch. The right wing extremists won’t give it back without a fight to the death. The powerful fuels their movement runs on, equal parts fear and racism and hatred, will not yield to weak-kneed wussy notions like compromise. They’re willing to purge a hard line conservative like Cantor rather than tolerate another round of bait and switch.

Tom Horne will be another great battle in the great Right Wing Circus.

Horne is toast. Even his old friend Greg Patterson has given him up for dead, after sticking with Russell Pearce all the way to his political grave. In the midst of an enormous Republican landslide in 2010, Horne won by a tiny margin. From his lifetime ban by the SEC to his campaign finance shenanigans to putting his mistress on the payroll and his staff at the Attorney General’s office to work on his campaign, Horne has just keeps turning up the heat on himself. He’ll lose, weather it’s in the primary or the general.

The mainstream of the GOP is rightly alarmed. Horne’s intransigence opens up a pathway to the governor’s office for Felicia Rotellini, and the old guard of the Republican Party is quite rightly frightened of her. They haven’t forgotten Len Munsil losing every single county in the state back in 2006 to someone named Janet.

But the hardcore right wing will stick with Tom Horne. The crowd that worships Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce, and Andrew Thomas will never abandon Horne no matter how hopeless his chances are. Horne’s primary opponent carries the God-awful baggage of endorsements from the likes of McCain, Flake, and Kyl, all of them bait-and-switch monsters who are dead set on throwing our border open and welcoming the dreaded Mexican invasion with open arms. You can read all about it on most of the far right Arizona blogs, from to Sonoran Alliance. No more bait and switch.

The right wing freak show has been full of entertaining moments: Chicken Sue Lowden and Second Amendment Sharon Angle in Nevada, I’m Not a Witch Christine O’Donnell, the Idaho GOP gubernatorial debate. With the takedown of Eric Cantor and the ghastly GOP primary in Mississippi, though, it’s gotten bloody and wildly out of control. The old guard of the party has poured out millions trying to take their party back. They’ve failed. Cantor’s defeat guarantees that the 2016 presidential primaries will be another right wing circus show. The eventual nominee will emerge bloodied and bruised with no hope of winning the votes of non-whites, women, young voters, moderates or independents.

One has to wonder how much longer the big money big business crowd that has bankrolled the mainstream of the GOP for decades is going to put up with this. If they can’t reclaim control of the party, their best option is to abandon it. By 2020, I fully expect to see a new center-right party to start up, funded big business interests. They’ll be for compassionate immigration reform, pro-choice, and pro-gay rights, but stick with the fiscal conservatism that benefits the 1 percent and corporate America.

Horne is toast. The hardcore wingnuts in the GOP will defend this piece of toast to the bitter end. And some of us will just enjoy the fight.


I was providing an "Amen" to the article on the decision about rental car taxes, specifically that it would be overturned on appeal.

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