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Hey, corporations are people now, with all the rights but none of the attendant responsibilities of citizenship. That particular Overton window has long since been opened and closed.

I know I should be outraged, blibbity-blab, but frankly, I'm just exhausted by all this. I'm just thankful I don't have any kids to inherit the next stage of return to vassalage.

I agree with the author regarding the potential for abuse as APS "dark money" influences the election of members their own over sight board.
It is very dicey for all the reasons laid out here. But, is it different when the city's public employee unions contribute and openly campaign in a City Council race? We seem to tolerate that form of the "fox electing their own to guard the hen house".

Just saw the last comment about the race baiting. That is probably a load of crap. Vernon has been a public figure for the better part of 15 years. He's held municipal office for over a decade, run for state wide office and national office. I'm pretty sure people already know what he looks like. And BTW, nobody gives a crap what "race" you are. Whatever that stupid label is supposed to mean.

Thanks, Greg. Excellent article!

Greg. Good comments. The Commission itself has some authority to deal with this problem, but they don't. I'd suggest the one party republican rule of the commission is also one of the problems. Yes as a candidate for the Commission myself I do have a biased view here! I'd suggest your readers check out Holway2014.com for a campaign that is focusing on our energy and water management challenges. Jim Holway - Democratic Candidate for ACC.

Somebody needs to beat your campaign site designer with a rubber hose.

And this:


It's "captial," and please spell out "November."



All the dark money, in all elections, needs to be brought into the sunlight.

If we the people can see who and what is going on, things will definitely change for the better.

Um, Rob, it is "capitol". You might want to delete your post.

Want to lay money on it?


"The vote for Arizona Corporation Commission effects your every day life, from how much you pay for your electricity to whether or not you can open that new business - what kind of candidates do you want representing you?"

That's "affects." Oy.

Are we hiring U of A students or something?

I disagree with the last point in the post. Parker and his campaign teams have traditionally traded on the "historic" nature of his campaigns and they feature his picture on his materials. It can't be not-racist to use his picture on a positive piece and also racist to use the same picture on a negative piece. There are far more corrupt white politicians than black politicians, so if putting a white politician on a piece accusing them of corruption isn't racist, neither was this piece.

Let's see... We have a utility monopoly regulated by a government commission and the players are trying to game the system? I'm shocked! Disband the commission and open the energy market to unfettered competition. The market will sort itself out and the consumers will get the best product for the best price in the end.

WHAT the hell Greg? It's fine that you want to dereg electricity and sink Arizona utilities, but saying the Republican Party is racist??? You have a huge role in our party. A former Legislator, cabinet member, RUCO director, and on the Board of Regents. Now you post that for Dem bloggers to capture and use til the cows come home... WTF? Vernon freaking won the GOP Nomination for Congress two years ago - using his image and his remarkable personal story.

I hesitate to even mention... but Sandra Kennedy also put a green shamrock on her campaign signs.

I base my vote on who I believe to be the best candidate. I don't care what APS or anyone else does or says. I know four of the six candidates (three R's and one D). I'm supporting Tom Forese, who I believe is the best of the group. I'm torn between Doug Little (I don't know) and Vernon Parker (I do know). Lucy Mason is a nice lady but is clueless. Sandra Kennedy and Jim Holway? Not a chance!

The ACC CAN & should satisfy their Constituitional duty to compel the regulated utilites to optimize costs(total)to ratepayers and set rates that allow recovery of REASONABLE costs....rather than continue to allow the utilities to restructure rates, recover unreasonable/avoidable costs via automatic surcharges that require no review by neutral party versus base rate hearings, they should eliminate surcharges and change the current Cost PLUS Profit(ROR) as a percent of cost structure to one that allows recovery of current costs but pays the fee or profi, return on rate, from cost reductions they implement and SHARE with Ratepayers....if cost reduced 10% reduce the rate by 6% for ratepayers, Shareholders EARN 4%.

Per ADOA Utilities pay the highest average(50% of employees higher) wage of ANY industry, $92k/year....in a regulated market, no risk, assured recovery of all costs, reasonable or otherwise, I don't believe those wages are currently REASONABLE. They are competent, can earn those wages by providing equal or better value to their Customers.

That "customer-centric" action would promote responsible innovation, stimulate our local economy, assure that utilities can survive the competion from their own customers, promote collaboration and integration of customer generation instead of adverserial negative obstructionism, and reduce the amount of Dark Money available for inappropriate manipulation of voters and commission elections.

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