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Perhaps a bit tangential, but this post points out part of the shame regarding Andrew Thomas and his misdeeds: there is reason to believe that some of those he was investigating really were corrupt. Perhaps another way to put it is “pot, meet kettle.”

TX has Lyndon Baines Johnson
AZ has Mary Rose Wilcox

Both corrupt, lifetime politicians who were able to acumulate wealth during their public service.

Hmmm, history repeating?

The list is much, much longer: including the Obamas who are now worth $12 million dollars more than when he was first elected Prez. So much for "public service."
Mary Rose? Give a girl a break; she just wants more Corvettes.

For entertainment value alone, one can only hope Jarrett Maupin wins that race.

Great article, Greg! Thanks for putting those pieces together so well.

Ron, I can't find where you got your Obamas numbers from; can you source those for us, please? Regardless, I have seen no real questions about HOW the Obamas have increased their net worth - it appears to be books and (legit) investments. Perhaps you can dig up an APS or APS-like connection?

mahtso says, "there is reason to believe that some of those he was investigating really were corrupt"

Are you familiar with the expression, "A masterpiece of understatement ..."?

John Dougherty is an excellent journalist in the old-school tradition of doing real research.

Mary Rose's actions are just. plain. sad.

She doesn't get it on solar. I think she only gets $$$.

By the way, APS and all the utilities get coal write-offs on Form 318 -- wonder how much. So much for "subsidies." Let's not forget the damages from coal are up to 10x the wholesale cost (3 cents/kWh to generate a coal kWh; and 17-27 cents/kWh in damages per Harvard, Dr. Paul Epstein et al)

Arizona is what is commonly called the "bag-holder." After the elites like the mines and utilities have gutted the state by using up (and contaminating) the water, the millions of ratepayers will be stuck with a degraded, hot landscape with a questionable water supply. Climate change is getting more obvious every day (unless you're Brenda Burns), and Arizona won't "weather it" very well.

Got water? Got solar? What, the sunniest state in the U.S. at only 3.2% solar?

The plant that you claim "APS is going to build ...in the middle of metro Phoenix" IS ALREADY BUILT and has existed since 1960. APS is now "modernizing" it to run more efficiently with less pollution and noise. I'd suggest you read the newsletters they've sent out and the news paper articles which tell the facts.

As for the Politicians -- they all lie and are corupt in some way shape or form, that has become the norm, unfortunately.

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