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Chirp, chirp, chirp.

There's a reason why Pitzl is also a verb.

Does this meet your challenge?
"The response of the publisher after the release of the Gannet quartely financials could determine whether the paper hews to an agenda driven more by rigid adherence to “for-profit” principles or to one that retains a hardworking reporter on their literary merits."

I have an entry.

It comes from the Arizona Daily Star's marquee columnist, Tim Steller.

In a column purported to talk about how Sheriff Babeu works the Border Security issue for his career, Steller dangled a little red meat of his own to the Tucson liberal base (that the Star, blind to the irony of it, also shamelessly panders to):

"The double game can also be seen in his relationship with the self-appointed “militias” who occasionally show up at border-related events. Babeu’s repeated denunciations of smuggling activity in the Vekol Valley of western Pinal County in 2010 prompted neo-Nazi J.T. Ready to begin independent patrols of the valley with a heavily armed group of fellow travelers.

Babeu’s response was to issue a tepid statement discouraging Ready and Co. “I do not ask or encourage them to come here,” it read, going on to say: “It will only complicate our concerns to have untrained and armed citizens, who are not from Pinal County, patrolling our desert areas.”

What kind of person had Babeu inspired? Two years later, Ready massacred his ex-girlfriend and three family members in Gilbert before killing himself."

This is as absurd as saying that Gabby Giffords inspired a mass murderer but Steller doesn't care.

Wow, Steller impresses me once again, and gives Pitzl some stiff competition for loaded wording (and, following your groundrules, he kept it to one sentence):

"The eruptions of hysteria surrounding the wave of young migrants from Central America have been distracting, but some members of Congress and the administration are trying to do something about it."

See? People who are against the surge of illegal immigrants (ie Republicans) are hysterical. Everyone else is trying to "do something about it". This is, of course, opposed to school children overtaking a meeting of an elected body--their school board--chaining themselves to chairs on the dais, yelling, and basically overthrowing a duly elected body from a meeting. Because they were going to make a class an elective. But that is not hysteria, or inciting a riot, because it's from the Left. Then it is thoughtful civil action. Great, got it Lefties.

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