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Very mature of you to write this article when, as you said yourself, you are more than clueless as to who vandalized these signs.

Speaking of missing signs, I just filed a police report on 11 of my roadside signs being stolen over the last few days.

Oddly enough, there's no coverage on this over at Blog for Arizona. However, Bob Lord is still beating his dead horse on Huppenthal, and Donna Gratehouse is still running her foul mouth on the Hobby Lobby case.

Frap, it was indeed very mature of Greg to write this the way he did. He could have gone all Laurie Roberts and started flinging serious accusations without having any clue.

But speaking of signs disappearing, I've heard some of the cities are going to strictly enforce the laws on placement of signs. That would be bad news for nearly everyone who has put signs up in Mesa and Gilbert -- very few I've seen are further than 8-10 feet from the road. I don't know about your district, John, but that's a possibility. Or maybe Roberts could write a column titled, "Is Jeff Schwartz Stealing Kavanaugh's signs?" But she only throws speculative accusations against the more conservative candidates, so don't expect her help.

Even though my signs were stolen from 11 different locations and at each location signs for other candidates were left undisturbed, I did check with Scottsdale code enforcers who said they did not remove them and that they call the notification number on the sign before removal.

Those opposed to my candidacy have already begun a nasty push poll against me. Looks like it will be a nasty campaign season.

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