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Don't forget the "professional politician" jab. While it is true that I have served three years on a town council back East, six years on the Fountain Hills town council and almost eight years in the Arizona House, during all those years I ALWAYS HELD A SEPARATE FULL TIME JOB. While serving back East, I was a full-time cop. While on the Fountain Hills town council and in the Arizona House, I was and am a full-time college professor.
Sadly, even John Shadegg called me a professional politician who needed to be voted out of office in his endorsement of Schwartz. Amazing, Shadegg, who spent 16 years in Congress, calls me a professional politician while endorsing a pro-choice, pro-Medicaid expansion, pro-tax increase, pro-common core and anti-SB1070 candidate who donated $500 to the campaign of liberal Democrat U.S. Senator Mark Begich of Alaska.
To date, dark money groups have spent over $77,000 on hit mailers and TV commercials spewing more lies against me. When I pointed out the Jeff Schwartz lying poster to the Arizona Republic editorial board, they did not have any problem with it or the candidate they endorsed - just a little truth stretching.

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