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very interesting post, Greg.

one question: given the sheer number of items that come before an official these days--including a number that have a technical component--what is the best way for him/her to become knowledgeable enough to come up with alternatives?

or are they to that extent captive to the information and issue definitions offered by the various interests who make their case?

as a practical matter, a person highly knowledgeable in one field may have limited grasp of another. or, worse, they may apply their understanding of one field to another where it's entirely inapposite.

what is the real-time solution?

Yes, but you miss the single most important point: There will be a net increase of emissions at the site. The existing plant emits only a fraction of permitted levels because it rarely runs (3-5% of the time?) due to the fact it's a dinosaur. The new/larger/cleaner plant would have to run less than what APS plans in order to not exceed existing emission levels. Think that'll happen?

Sorry, Greg, but where's the basis for Option 1 coming from?

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